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B1.1 eCard
Product short description:

Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
File size:  14.8Mb
Copy/Paste: Not Allowed
Offline Access: YES
Search:  Always
Bookmarks:  Always
System Regs:  Windows, Machintosh, iPad and more.

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eCards provide a download code for each authorised title on the card. Students go to our website, enter the unique code, and go through the process of downloading each book. Downloaded eBooks may be used by each student on up to 6 devices of any type.

This is the complete set of 13 modules required for B1.1 Airplane/Turbine certification at a discounted package price in digital format (PDF). For detailed descriptions of each module, click on each item under „modules included“ below.

This set is completely aligned to EASA Part 66 Appendix A and written to the extent typically taught during a 2400 hour program at an approved EASA Part 147 school. For schools and CAAs, a complete and fully matching test bank and/or secure testing services are available for all ATB EASA modules. Please write or call for additional information.

Modules Included:

Module 01 – Mathematics for Aircraft Maintenance
Module 02 – Physics for Aircraft Maintenance
Module 03 – Electrical Fundamentals
Module 04 – Electronic Fundamentals
Module 05 – Digital Instrument Systems
Module 06 – Materials and Hardware
Module 07 – Maintenance Practices
Module 08 – Basic Aerodynamics for AMTs
Module 09 – Human Factors
Module 10 – EASA Aviation Legislation
Module 11A – Turbine Aircraft Structures and Systems
Module 15 – Gas Turbine Engines
Module 17 – Propeller Systems

eBook orders

Within 24 hours upon placing your order you will recieve by e-mail a link to download your library. If you have troubles with the download process or using your eBooks, we are available for technical support Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 4:30 US mountain time by phone at 1-970-726-5111 or 7 days per week by email at

eCard orders
An option for bookstores or gifts. A complete set of 13 modules required for B1.1 Airplane/Turbine certification kit in eBook format. With this option, you will be shipped a pre-paid Card with instructions and a unique code to receive each title listed in pdf eBook format. This is a great option if you are giving a set of eBooks to another person or if you are a bookstore wanting a tangible item which you can resell from your store in the traditional way.

Revision Service
The purchase of this set includes a free two year revision service subscription for each module. To enter your subscription, simply click into the web page listed on the first page of each book and enter your name and email. For two years, if any change or update occurs in any of these books, you will receive by email a free printable .pdf file of those pages that were revised.