Basic Aerodynamics For Aircraft Maintenance

Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
ISBN-13: 9780989754774

Copyright Date: 2014
Pages: 74
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EASA Part 66/147 compliant Module 8 on Aerodynamics for the aviation maintenance technician for B1 and B2 aircraft maintenance certification. Includes two year free revision service.

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This book teaches what is required by EASA for B1 and B2 knowledge testing and typical of the curricula offered within EASA certified 2 year Part 147 programs.

The focus is on a basic understanding of the various conditions of flight and flight controls as applied to the day to day tasks of an aircraft technician.


– International standard atmosphere, application to aerodynamics

– Airflow around a body.
– Boundary layer, laminar and turbulent flow, free stream flow, relative airflow, upwash and downwash, vortices, stagnation.
– Terms: camber, chord, mean aerodynamic chord, profile (parasitic) drag, induced drag, center of pressure, angle of attack, wash-in and wash-out, fineness ration, wing shape, and aspect ratio.
– Thrust, weight, aerodynamic resultants.
– Generation of lift and drag, angle of attack, lift coefficient, polar curve, stall.
– Airfoil contamination including ice, snow, and frost.

– relationship between lift, weight, thrust, and drag.
– glide ratio.
– steady state flights, performance.
– theory of the turn.
– influence of load factor, stall, flight envelope and structural limitations.
– lift augmentation

– longitudinal, lateral and directional stability (active and passive)

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