EASA Aviation Legislation for Aircraft Maintenance

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EASA Part 66/147 compliant Module 10 on EASA aviation legislation for the aviation maintenance technician for B1 and B2 aircraft maintenance certification. Includes two year free revision service

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Newly revised 2016 edition

This book teaches what is required by EASA for B1 and B2 knowledge testing and typical of the curricula offered within EASA certified 2 year Part 147 programs.

For schools and students first exploring the EASA system from non-EASA NAAs, this is also a great way to obtain an initial overview of EASA, its structure, and its differences from more familiar regulatory systems.


Regulatory Framework
Role of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); Role of the European Commission; Role of EASA; Role of member states and national aviation authorities; Regulation (EC) 216/2008 and its implementing regulations 1702/2003 and 2042/2003.Certifying Staff

Detailed understanding of Part 66.Approved Maintenance Organizations

Detailed understanding of Part 145 and Part M Subpart F.Air Operations

General understanding of the air operator certificates; operator’s responsibilities regarding airworthiness and maintenance; aircraft maintenance programs; documents to be carried on board; aircraft placarding.Certification of aircraft parts and appliances

General understanding of Part 21 and EASA certification specs CS-23, 25, 27, and -29; certificates of airworthiness; certificates of registration; noise certificates; weight schedule; radio station license and approval.
Continuing Airworthiness

Detailed understanding of Part 21 provisions related to continued airworthiness National and International Requirements
Maintenance programs, checks, and inspections; master minimum equipment lists, dispatch deviation lists; test flights; ETOPS maintenance and dispatch requirements; all weather operations; category 2/3 operations.


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