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Part 66 Books

Avia Educon offers to our customers – individuals, training and maintenance organisations, competent authorities and other institutions – premium quality, fully illustrated and fully EASA compliant Part-66 study books, representing an ideal tool for gaining the required knowledge and preparation for EASA Part-66 basic knowledge examinations to obtain Part-66 licence. In printed format, the books are manufactured to the highest standards on quality paper and with coated stain resistant covers. The books are purchased as full B1.1 or B2 sets or individual module books and can also be obtained in a digital format – as downloadable eBooks and pre-loaded thumbdrives.

eBook platforms – while all eBooks are easily purchased individually and downloaded from our websites, our unique eCard and thumbdrive formats enable the pre-packaging of complete book sets and their easy resale or distribution through your department or school bookstore. Each platform is custom prepared upon your order and can contain whatever assortiment of titles your training program requires.

eCards provide a download code for each authorised title on the card. Students go to our website, enter the unique code, and go through the process of downloading each book. Downloaded eBooks may be used by each student on up to 6 devices of any type.

Class-in-a-Flash thumbdrives come pre-loaded with each title you request. Just plug it into USB port on any Windows based device and click on the book you want. Thumbdrives are a great solution when high speed Internet is not available or simply to avoid the process of downloading. Thumbdrives may be shared and passed between students, however the drive must be plugged-in in the computer for the books to function.

Of course, all eBooks enjoy the advantage of free or minimal shipping costs, revise more frequently than paper books, and are more easily replaced should they become damaged or inoperable.

Network use of ATB modules within the training organisation’s learning management systems is offered at no charge to complement each student’s personal aquisition of course material. Basically, an equal number of network licences will be issued to match the number of book sets purchased by your organisation or students. Typically, each licence has a two year duration to match your enrollment calendar. As future students aquire book sets, new licences are issued. Additional licences will also be provided to each instructor without cost.