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Digital Techniques / Electronic Instrument Systems: Module 5 (B2)
Product type: Book
Product type: eBook
Product type: Book + eBook
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ISBN: 9781941144176
Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
Author: Jim Wasson
Edition: V002.1
Pages: 191

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Digital Techniques / Electronic Instrument Systems: Module 5 (B2)


Digital Techniques strictly matches the requirements of Part 66 including its content, sequence, and the required learning levels (L1, 2, or 3) needed for an approved B2 avionics maintenance technician program, and is so approved by many national authorities as a part of the training programs of Part 147 schools within their jurisdiction.

As prescribed in Part 66 Appendix 1, the topics are divided in 15 sections:

  • Electronic Instrument Systems (L3)
  • Numbering Systems (L2)
  • Data Conversions (L2)
  • Databuses (L2)
  • Logic Circuits (L2)
  • Basic Computer Structure (L2)
  • Microprocessors (L2)
  • Integrated Circuits (L2)
  • Multiplexing (L2)
  • Fiber Optics (L2)
  • Electronic Displays (L2)
  • Electrostatic Sensitive Devices (L2)
  • Software Management Controls (L2)
  • Electromagnetic Environment (L2)
  • Typical Electronic/Digital Aircraft Systems (L2)


Complete table of contents is included with the Look Inside link above.

Note that the required learning levels for this B2 avionics edition differ from the B1 mechanical edition with this B2 edition being the more advanced.

Each topic is explained with understandable text and exceptional full-color illustrations in step-by-step detail. You will learn by understanding concepts and how and why each skill is useful in the day-to-day tasks of the aircraft technician in the aviation maintenance environment. For FAA A&P students, all required topics are covered, however to the somewhat higher level of proficiency as the EASA licenses require.

Module Editions and Updates
ATB EASA Modules are in a constant state of review for quality, regulatory updates, and new technologies. This book’s edition is given in the revision log above. Update notices will be available Online at Module Revisions Page If you would like to be notified when changes occur, please join our mailing list at

Instructor Services:
For schools considering the adoption of ATB modules as your primary student notes, we offer various additional services including projectable image banks, examination question databases, and generous additional support for instructors and your requirements for competent authorities.