Propulsion for Avionics Maintenance

Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
ISBN-13: 9781941144398
Copyright Date: 2016
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EASA Part 66 compliant Module 14; Propulsion for the avionics technician, and for the B2 aircraft maintenance certification. Includes two years free revision service.

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This module 14, written for the B2 avionics technician, covers the basics of turbine engines along with increased detail on the electronic controls, and monitoring systems that contribute to the exceptional efficiency and reliability which both industry and the traveling public demands. A basic understanding of each engine system and its relevant components provides the background needed to understand not just the electronic functions, but how and why each electronic system contributes to provide value to overall operations and reliability. Following completion of this module the technician should be familiar with engine starting techniques, basic operations, and the meaning and causes of both normal and abnormal indications.


Turbine Engines
* constructional arrangement and operation of turbojet, turbofan, turboshaft, and turboprop engines
* electronic engine control and fuel metering systems (FADEC)Engine Indicating Systems
* exhaust gas temperature/interstage turbine temperature systems
* engine speed
* thrust indication, pressure ratio, turbine discharge pressure, jet pipe pressure systems
* oil pressure and temperature
* fuel pressure, temperature, and flow
* manifold pressure
* engine torque
* propeller speed

Starting and Ignition Systems
* operation of engine start systems and components
* ignition systems and components
* maintenance safety requirements


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