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B2 Avionics Complete Study Set
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ISBN: 9781951275112
Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
Edition: all current editions

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B2 Avionics Complete Study Set


This is the complete set of 12 modules required for the EASA Part 66 B2 Avionics certification.

Each module in this series has been approved by Civil Aviation Authorities around the world for Part 147 schools within those countries. Each is fully compliant, at the required B2 levels, and fully aligned with appendix 1 of Part 66.

EASA B2 is the world’s most sought-after and respected avionics certification. Any major employer, anywhere in the world, will recognize both the license and the knowledge and skills which it represents. For those interested in pursuing this technical aerospace career, there is no better path.

A part of this reason is that B2 does not limit itself to just the electronics, communications, and navigation systems that are typically thought of as the extent of an avionics curriculum. It includes the entire aircraft system. You may ask why an avionics engineer needs to know about hydraulic actuators or landing gear construction. The answer is that in today’s aircraft, every system is connected to every other and nearly every system has some sort of electronic interface. Today, even landing gear systems are computerized, as is the simple refueling of aircraft on the ground. Thus if you are to consider and diagnose the electronic functions of gear retraction, you need to know the basic physical operation of the gear itself. This is the difference and the reason for the high degree of respect for the license holder.

Revision Service:
As with all ATB B1 and B2 modules, the purchase of this manual includes a free two-year revision service subscription. To enter your subscription, follow the instructions shown on page 2 of each book. Then, for two years of purchase, if any changes or updates occur in this book for regulatory or other reasons, you will receive by email an eBook version of that complete new edition.

Instructor Services:
For schools considering the adoption of ATB modules as your primary student notes, we offer various additional services including projectable image banks, examination question databases, and generous additional support for instructors and your requirements for competent authorities.

Kit Includes:

  • 0101 – EASA Module 01 B1/B2 – Mathematics
  • 0104 – EASA Module 02 B2 – Physics
  • 0106 – EASA Module 03 B1/B2 – Electrical Fundamentals
  • 0108 – EASA Module 04 B2 – Electronic Fundamentals
  • 0111 – EASA Module 05 B2 – Digital Techniques
  • 0114 – EASA Module 06 B2 – Materials and Hardware
  • 0117 – EASA Module 07A B2 – Maintenance Practices
  • 0119 – EASA Module 08 B1/B2 – Basic Aerodynamics
  • 0121 – EASA Module 09A B1/B2 – Human Factors
  • 0123 – EASA Module 10 B1/B2 – Aviation Legislation
  • 0130 – EASA Module 13 B2 – Aircraft Structures and Systems
  • 0132 – EASA Module 14 B2 – Propulsion