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Avia Educon provides much more than just custom e-learning solutions. It brings decades of subject matter expertise in specific aviation maintenance areas to help organizations and individuals to reach their training/learning goals.

E-learning courses produced by Avia Educon provide easy and simple, yet effective and efficient way of learning the content of EASA Part-66 basic training syllabus as preparation for a successful pass of Part-66 module examinations and demonstration of the required level of knowledge for the issue of the category B1.1 EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

Each e-learning course consists of colourful visualisation, easy-to-understand English narration, book notes, glossary, search, quiz examination for checking the gained knowledge and links to additional resources (videos) which complement the basic content.
Avia Educon appreciates your interest in aviation maintenance training, as well as your support. We are working hard to produce e-learning courses for all technical basic training modules of category B1.1 and B2 EASA basic training syllabus. You could be a part of these efforts. We would like to hear from you how do you like it, does it help you in your learning and what do you suggest to improve it. For all of our e-learning products we will always try to keep the prices as low as possible to keep the courses affordable for all.

Please visit our FREE E-LEARNING TAB in the FREE LEARNING CENTER and download our free e-learning courses in order to evaluate them. Take e deep look inside. We will appreciate your feedback.