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Piston Aeroplane Structures & Systems: Module 11B (CAT-A) – eBook
Product short description:

Publisher: TEC Aviation
Author: TEC Aviation
Edition: TEC
Pages: 592

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Piston Aeroplane Structures & Systems: Module 11B (CAT-A) - eBook


Note: The content and layout of module 11B, Piston Aeroplane Structures and Systems are provided by TEC Aviation Academy of Copenhagen Denmark. It is unlike the others in the ATB Part 66 series as it is presented in a landscape format, and is written more as a powerpoint presentation than a regular airplane maintenance or aviation textbook.

This complete and approved book (by Denmark CAA for TEC) will serve both EASA and FAA Part 147 schools as well as experienced technicians wishing a complete understanding of the structures and systems of simple to complex piston-powered aircraft.

As prescribed in Part 66 Appendix 1, the topics are divided in 17 sections:

  • Aeroplane Aerodynamics and Flight Controls (L1)
  • Airframe Structures ATA 52 – 57 (L1/2)
  • Air Conditioning and Pressurization ATA 21 (L1)
  • Instrument Systems ATA 31 (L1)
  • Avionics Systems ATA 31 (L1)
  • Electrical Power Systems ATA 24 (L1)
  • Equipment and Furnishings ATA 25 (L1/2)
  • Fire Protection ATA 26 (L1)
  • Flight Controls ATA 27 (L1)
  • Fuel Systems ATA 28 (L1)
  • Hydraulic Systems ATA 29 (L1)
  • Ice and Rain Protection ATA 30 (L1)
  • Landing Gear ATA 32 (L2)
  • Lights ATA 33 (L2)
  • Oxygen ATA 35 (L1)
  • Pneumatic and Vacuum Systems ATA 36 (L1)
  • Waste and Water Systems ATA 38 (L2)