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Part-66 Examinations

Avia Educon offers training organisations and competent authorities a Part-66 knowledge examination solution for EASA category B1.1 and B2 licenses with an extensive examination question bank which is 100% referenced to our Part-66 modules textbooks. This program saves training organisations and competent authorities from the expensive and ongoing task of developing, analysing and maintaining basic examination question banks as required by EASA implementing rules.

Examination Question Data Bank (EQDB)

All basic examination question banks are 100% Part-66 compliant, based on required knowledge levels and match the organisation and content delivered through our textbooks. As required all basic examination question banks go through a continous analysis process ensuring that any question that falls out of acceptable pass/fail rates is removed. Examination question banks average five times the number of required questions per examination ensuring a high degree of randomisation. The examination question banks are regularly updated and refreshed with new questions.

EQDB Technical Criteria and Standards

The criteria and standards used for the development of Avia Educon’s Part-66 basic knowledge question data bank are the following:

  • Part-66 Appendix I and II of the Commission Regulation EU No. 1321/2014
  • GM 66.B.200 Examination by the competent authority (ED Decision 2015/029)
  • Methodology for setting up questions and managing question data banks for examination purposes (for licenced maintenance staff)
  • Quick manual MCQ design
  • Industry best practices and proven experience-based approaches


Features and Characteristics of the EQDB

The EQDB developed by Avia Educon’s experts is fully based on and referenced to Aircraft Technical Book Company (ATB) study books.

The features and characteristics of the Avia Educon’s EQDB are the following:

  • Initial version contains 4.000 questions per licence category
  • A minimum of 20% of new questions will be produced every year for the renewal of the EQDB
  • On-going update, revision, compliance monitoring and examination analysis (if required)
  • Essay questions for modules M7, M9 and M10 with dedicated excel template
  • Question number distribution for each submodule/subtopic

For each individual question:

  • Assigned basic knowledge level and licence (sub)category
  • Text of the question, 3 answer options, correct answer
  • Question version and date created and updated
  • Full name of the author and the validator, signed by both
  • Key area, identification of subtopic
  • Book reference on exact page location (ATB books and FAA-H-8083-31 books)
  • Learning objective for each question
  • Excel formatting, loadable to any other software
  • Each individual question backed-up by dedicated validation question data sheet (Quality check of each question by a second subject matter expert)
  • Question revision report in case of amendment of the question with the root cause of the change.


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